Who Stays and Who Goes?

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Who Stays and Who Goes?

Julia Stalnaker

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There’s been a lot of talk around school the past few months about the new high school, the boundary changes, and how that will affect us at Southridge.  We know that this year’s juniors and sophomores are staying put, but what about the freshmen class–

the group most affected by the change brought on by the opening of Mountainside High School. After spending the first year of high school together at Southridge, students will be split up between the two schools. But not all current freshmen scheduled to go to the new school will have to move if they qualify under certain exclusions.So who stays and who goes?


Neighborhood Boundaries

First, the vast majority of current freshman will go to the high school considered their home school by next year’s new boundary system. For many, that represents a change from what it’s traditionally been. For reference, Scholls Heights, Nancy Ryles, Cooper Mountain and Sexton Mountain Elementary used to be in district for Southridge, but will now be in district for Mountainside. Anybody curious about where their address is located in the boundaries can use the District Address Locator on the Beaverton School District website.  This can be found at http://apps.schoolsitelocator.com/?districtcode=11712.

However, not everyone will have to adhere to the boundaries. Written in April of last year, the Superintendent’s High School Boundary Transition Recommendations gives three reasons a current freshmen could stay at their current schools, regardless of boundaries.


Varsity Athletes

If a freshman has already tried out for and made a varsity team sport, they can stay at the school of that team. Athletic Director Bryan Sorenson confirmed this, and elaborated by explaining that there is actually a short list of requirements that an athlete would have to meet to be approved by the district. An example of such requirements is being a “significant contributor.” The reason qualifying freshmen can stay is that Mountainside will not be able to have varsity team sports the first year, as it will only be starting with freshmen and sophomore classes. Varsity individual sports however, can carry over easily to Mountainside.


Academic Excellence

Secondly, any freshman advanced in programs such as the IB diploma program can remain at their current schools. This is because such programs require them to stay on a certain academic course.


Established Roles

Finally, freshmen “having established and formal roles” at their schools (like a position in student government) can stay.


Principal Nieslanik confirmed that these exceptions still apply. However, he also said that since all schools will have student government, principals haven’t been able to finalize what “having established and formal roles” looks like. The other two are much clearer, especially varsity sports since head coaches have already named varsity players. Freshmen in that situation can choose whether they stay at Southridge or go to Mountainside (if they are in district). IB, as well, is much more clear cut since students will already be enrolled in those courses to qualify.

Ultimately, most students will likely go to whichever school falls within the newly established boundaries, even if that means a change of location and mascot. But for those who qualify, they have other options to consider as they look ahead to next school year.