Club Spotlight: Tea Club

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Club Spotlight: Tea Club

Cally Hutson

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For our first issue we decided to do a special highlight of one of Southridge’s most prominent clubs, Tea Club! We interviewed their President, Josh Meidl over email:


  1. Who are the members of your cabinet? What grades are you guys in?

Hasol, Helen, Tyra, Aleena, Quincy, and I (Josh) are all in our cabinet. We are all IB juniors.


  1. What made you guys want to start Tea Club?

I wanted to start Tea Club to provide a fun place to hangout on Friday’s and sort of “celebrate” the end of the week!  I also love tea and love hanging out with Ballard, so why not?


  1. What is your favorite tea?

Green tea is a solid fav, but Helen gave me this chamomile honey tea for Christmas that is incredible


  1. What do you think of your social media presence at Southridge? (Your Instagram is pretty popular!)

We did not expect Tea Club to be as popular at first… We all decided to go to the club fair and hopefully get around 10 people to sign up, but once we saw the crowds we were drawing we thought we needed an Instagram to reach out to more people.. Having a social media is a much more fun and easier way of update people about club meetings


  1. What do you hope members get out of this club?

I hope members of this club just have fun and enjoy some tea… this club was originally supposed to have an environmental aspect to it (that didn’t work out). The best thing we can offer for our members is a break from the stress of school and a chance to be more involved at Southridge


  1. What did Ms. Ballard originally think when you proposed the idea to her?

Ballard put off my request as a joke when I first proposed the concept to her. Once she actually realized I was serious, she was all for it. Ballard brings tea/coffee to school everyday so I knew she would love it.


  1. What plans do you have for the future of tea club?

I hope this club can continue on! This Friday we might host a little something extra to respark interest.

If you want to go to one of their meetings, Tea Club meets every Friday at 7:20 AM in Ms. Ballard’s room, R225!