Skyhawks Never Take Foot off Gas as they Cruise to 76-38 Win in First Game against Mountainside

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Skyhawks Never Take Foot off Gas as they Cruise to 76-38 Win in First Game against Mountainside

Kyle Pinnell

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BEAVERTON- If you wanted to spend your Friday night watching a thrilling, close, rivalry basketball game, then Southridge High School was not the place to be.

In fact, the Skyhawks dominated nearly every facet of their first game against Mountainside as they soundly defeated the Mavericks (10-6) 76-38.

The gym was packed full of fans and extremely noisy which made for a great atmosphere in the first “rivalry” game between two schools that are only separated by a couple of miles. The Skyhawks (11-3) were spurred on by the boisterous home crowd while every Mountainside basket or hustle play was met with loud cheers of approval.

However, the Hawks must have been a little too energized because despite jumping out to an eight-three lead in the first three minutes of the game, they turned the ball over ten times in the first quarter alone.

“I feel like we came out strong and maybe a little too energetic,” Junior Cameron Brink said. “But otherwise, I think we had good energy and it was a good game.”

The Skyhawks continued to pull away in the second half where they outscored the Mavericks 35 to 20.

Throughout the second half, Southridge head coach Michael Bergmann ran his team through a variety of different plays while allowing other players to gain some confidence by giving them looks in the offense that they do not normally get.

“We ran some new plays we don’t normally run and that was good practice,” Brink said. “I feel like we adjusted to the fouls we had in the first half and then we only had three in the second half. We made good adjustments overall.”

Another thing that impressed the coaching staff was the fact that once the Skyhawks were up by a sizeable margin, they never took their foot off the gas. While that may seem unimportant right now, it could potentially pay dividends during the playoffs where just a few seconds off of the gas could end an entire teams season.

After the game, Southridge head coach Michael Bergmann said that he was excited to face a young, developing team like the Mavericks in the future.

“They are a pretty good team,” he said. “They have some really good pieces. They’re young of course, but they are going to be really good so it will definitely build as a rivalry.”

Both teams will meet again in just over three weeks at Mountainside High School as they prepare for the playoffs.

Next up the Skyhawks will take on the Sunset Apollos on the road at 7:15 on Wednesday night.

“I thought overall our girls did what we asked them to do which I was happy about,” Bergmann said. “They played faster and I thought they shared the ball pretty well.”